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The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter

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Amanda, Michelle, Margarita, Sam, Chasity

Spring 2005

Quintessential Destiny: Psi Chapter Founding Line

#1 Urban Twist: Amanda Ophelia Figueroa-Gonzales(Xicana: Mexican American)

#2 Timeless Gem: Michelle Marie Moya(Hispanic)

#3 Suga Soul: Chasity Alexis Long(African American, Creole, and Lumbee)

#4 Divine Rhythm: Margarita Avitia(Mexican)

#5 Vibrant Rae: Samantha Rae Koike(Hispanic and Japanese)

Christina L

unbreakAble ONE: Spring 2006

#1 Amor Eterno: Christina I. Lovato (Hispanic)

Amanda, Ramona

ONE Heart: Spring 2007

#1 everLASTING Happiness: Amanda D. Pacheco (Hispanic)

#2 FIERCE Warrior: Ramona L.C. Smith

Shauma, Christina

Shake n' Bake: Spring 2008

#1 ICEomer: Christina N. Trujillo (Hispanic)

#2 Babel: Shauma J. Brown (Black/Hispanic)

Shawna, Justine, Ivy, Erin

BeaUtiful INSPIRErs: Fall 2009

#1 Aegis ChallEnger: Shawna J.M. Lujan (Hispanic)

#2 PotenS: Justine L. Antonio (Native American)

#3 Bella FORTaleza: Ivy K. Reyes (Central American)

#4 VIVAcious Tanz: Erin N. Kathmann (German/Yugoslovian/Caucasian)


The ladies of PSI


Let me introduce you to sophistication, motivation, and perfection

to the highest degree,


For there have never been

ladies such as these!


New Mexico phased

and altogether praised,  


Let yourself be enchanted

by our precious ways!


So sit back, relax;

you might learn a thing or two,


For Theta Nu Xi is who we are

and multiculturalism is what we do!
-by #1 Urban Twist
January 17, 2006

Leslee, Cindy

PSIlent Killaz: Spring 2010
#1 Mufasa: Leslee S. Horn (Black)
#2 indesTRUctablE PAZ: Cindy M. Reyes (Central American)

Tres esTreLlAs: Spring 13

#1 I'LLustr1ous Conqueror LaToya Lozoya (Mexican American and Spanish)

#2 SPARKles Talia Hrabina (Hungarian and Native American)

#3 DIVAesque dIAMond Ashley Brown (African-American, Hispanic, and Puerto Rican)

The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter
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