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The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter

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This is only some of the heartfelt words ladies within our chapter have written. You can view other poems by our chapter and national sisters on other pages on this site.  
I am not a sorority girl...

I am not a sorority girl; I am a Theta Woman.
I am not a sorority girl and I refuse to be judged or labeled by what you think you know about me.
For what you think you know about me doesn't even scratch the surface of who I am.

I am a Theta Woman and hold my head high.
Not because I am conceited but because I am confident.
Confident that my organization is here to make a difference!

I am not a sorority girl and I refuse to be another face in the crowd.
I am a Theta Woman and my face stands out.
Cause I am not Black, Latina, Asian, or White; I'm just ONE.

I am not a sorority girl who believes these are my sisters for now.
I am a Theta Woman who knows my sisters will always be around.

I am not a sorority girl, all prim and proper. 
I am a Theta Woman and I will get down and dirty to fight injustice.

I am not a sorority girl.
I thought you knew;
I am a Theta Woman, through and through!

Amanda F., Amanda P., and Mona S.--November 2007

To the ladies of the Psi chapter

To the ones who came before and will come after

You devotion to diversity

has brought virtue and insight to the University

You accept women from all different places

with all different sizes, shapes, and faces


The story begins with Quintessential Destiny

starting with Founding Butterfly Figueroa-Gonzalez

The strong and triumph ace,

keeping her line precisely in pace.

Doing things in her own rhythm and style.

Making all this time spent worthwhile


Second in line is the Timeless Gem.

Supporting her sisters and watching out for them.

She has the beauty and charisma of a deuce.

Her attributes can always be put to good use


Next in line is Chastity Alexis Long,

finding a sisterhood in which she belonged.

She is an amazing woman with a Suga Soul,

bringing the Psi chapter one step closer to becoming a whole.


Margarita Avitia, she is number four.

Always giving a 100% and then some more.

She has a divine rhythm and grace,

a loving heart and warm embrace


Last but not least comes number five,

Samantha Rae Kaike, a woman with drive.

Helping the group find its way,

lighting the path with her Vibrant Rae


Setting the examples from which others could thrive;

This is the line of Psi Chapter Spring ’05.


In 2006, one crossed alone,

bravely facing the process on her own.

With her kind and loving heart,

she preserved right from the start.

Christina Isabel Lovato is as sweet as can be.

We have mucho mucho amor para ti.


ONE heart, the line of 2007

was obviously sent straight down from heaven.


everLASTING Happiness, she is one of a kind.

A social butterfly, never to be confided.

She mesmerizes us with her stories

of past victories and future glories.


Ramona LC Smith stands to her right

personifying beauty, power, and might.

She says what she feels with no remorse.

She is a FIERCE Warrior and a powerful force.

PSI Chant

You think you know what a Sorority is

Lets take you back to the day you missed

At UNM in 2005,

five precious ladies started the chapter of Psi.

Im talking about Theta Nu Xi

Is who we are, 

for all you greeks we are setting the bar.

With different races, cultures, ethnicities,

Multiculturalism is our priority.

So from all you heard lets get one thing straight

We're Theta Nus so please don't hate.


Christina Noel Trujillo
Major Chemistry and Bio
She is smart, caring, passionate, strong
ICEomer going to give her best all day long
her personality is something to marvel

Babel is number 2 in line
Shauma Janay Brown has Ling and Sign
She will talk it up as ONE
Isn't satisfied till its won

Shake n’ Bake is their name
Continuing Psi Chapter is their game.


BeaUtiful INSPIRErs came in fall of 09
Breaking the mold and staying strong with four in their line

Aegis ChallEnger a woman who is small and sweet
Has an attitude and flare that can’t compete
Shawna Lujan is the ACE of this line
Using her power and strength to blow people’s minds.
The deuce of this line is called PotenSÍ
She's got style, pride and mucho Capacity
She is quiet and confident throughout the day
If you make her mad you better get out of her way!
Ivy Reyes is inspiring and true
Always willing to help her sisters and others too
She is an ongoing achiever with good priorities
Bella FORTeleza is this lines number three.
The anchor who grounded these women on their way
VIVAcious Tanz always has something to say.
Strong willed and outspoken but kind at heart
Erin Nicole Kathmann was destined to be number four from the start.

PSIlent Killerz of spring 2010

would not let the Precious Psi chapter come to an end

Confident and respectful.

Mufasa is the all inspiring ace of her line.

With readiness to serve the people,

Duty first, self second.

Leslee Serita Horn is a natural born leader

 The deuce of the line, indesTRUctable paz,

Cindy Molly Reyes woudn’t cease till there was peace.

Shy at the start, she found her heart

continuing traditions by doing her part 

This brings in end to the story

of the Precious Psi Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority…..Inc.

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The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter
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