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The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter

Theta Women

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President- LaToya Lozoya

Vice President- Talia Hrabina

Secretary- Ashley Brown

Treasurer- Ashley Brown

Community Service Chair- LaToya Lozoya

Education Chair- Talia Hrabina

Social/ Publicity Chair- LaToya Lozoya

Dean of Intake- Talia Hrabina

MGC Rep- Ashley Brown

Historian- LaToya Lozoya

Parlimentarian- Ashley Brown

Web Mistress- Talia Hrabina

Any questions please email at


Theta Woman


By Soror Ayodele Carroo 1998

Loyal to the cocoon from

where she comes,

The Theta Woman rises

out of a lavender dawn

to proudly bridge the gaps in her world

with her butterfly wings


With honesty and courage

She lives and loves without condition. 

Surrendering to her beauty and power,

She gives and recives freely,

remembering her vision her purpose,

her heart.


Creator of her own definition

she inspires those around her to be pround and selfless,

To give unselfishly over and over again.

Loving herself as she loves others

The butterfly trancends

taking others with her in her flight.

The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter
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