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The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter

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Quintessential Destiny: Psi Chapter Founding Line


#1 Amanda Ophelia Figueroa-Gonzales

Line Name: Urban Twist

Ethnicity: Xicana: Mexican American

Birthday: August 7, 1983


#2 Michelle Marie Moya:

Line Name: Timeless Gem

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Birthday: Febuary 22, 1979


#3 Chasity Alexis Long

Line Name: Suga Soul

Ethnicity: African American, Creole, and Lumbee

Birthday: July 19, 1985


#4 Margarita Avitia:

Line Names: Divine Rhythm

Ethnicity: Mexican

Birthday: July 27, 1982


#5 Samantha Rae Koike:

Line Name: Vibrant Rae

Ethnicity: Hispanic and Japanese

Birthday: March 2, 1985



Quintessential Destiny



Quintessential Destiny pours out of my lips like honey! Smooth, Soft, Sugary, Sweet, Seductive!
Words can't come close to describe the VIBE between this FIVE!
Unity, Devotion, LOVE, SISTERHOOD, Shining so bright that not even the darkest night could confine the Power Strength, Ambition, LOYALTY, BEAUTY;
Held by The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious PSI Chapter!

-by #1 Urban Twist 5-2-05


The Sophisticated Ladies of the Precious Psi Chapter
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